2019 in review 🎉

Picture by me

The end of 2019 is about to come, and I think it deserves a lookback. It's a list of facts that i've considered interesting in this year. I'll be brief and probably I'll forgot some, but it's fine for now. 😄

  • I've created a simple blog to talk about everything I like or want to learn. Also I've posted some things already!
  • I've open sourced a library called routex, I've learned a lot of Next.js things and wrote two posts about that topic in this blog. Also another open source project is just around the corner: epstein, an in-memory javascript search engine that I'm working on.
  • At work, I've experienced a lot of changes (a blog post is comming to talk about this). Met new wonderful people from where I could learn a lot, switched to a remote-first team, improved my communication to others, adopted most of extreme programming rules and values, and enjoyed most of the time here.
  • Released another open source library, but this time with my work mates. It's been fun and the experience it's been an enriching experience. (also, a post is comming about this topic). Here is the link: reffects
  • I've found more time for me to read, specially sci-fi and fantasy novels.
  • I've visited Formentera for the first time in my life and did diving for the first time since 2016.
  • I've camp into the mountains somewhere in La Vall de Camprodon on August.
  • Didn't do sports at all and seriously need to change this trend.