Initial commit!

Hello world! after several attemps to create a blog, this is the very first post I write ever on the internet.

Searching for a tool to create static websites in a suuuper simple way, I came up with 11ty (a.k.a Eleventy) thanks to a fellow friend, 11ty compiles almost every file extension into an html ready to be served (no boilerplate needed). And this gives me the flexibility that I need to start this blogging journey.

The main reason to start this is because I'm interested in so many things in life that I cannot grasp, so I want to reflect it somewhere in a way that could help me to keep that knowledge. I will write about everything that come to my mind and I feel interesting enough to write about. It will be an exercise for me to learn while researching and writting things here, but also It will be for sharing knowledge and experiences for anyone interested in my stuff.

So let's start this!